Nescafe premium regular soluble coffee gift N35-A


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By enclosing the grain of the roasted coffee beans was pulverized, it is a gift set of to achieve a freshly brewed elegant aroma and coffee original flavor "regular soluble coffee". In addition to the popularity of "Nescafe Gold Blend" "Nescafe Ekusera", a new product, "Nescafe flavored roasted deep", and "deepen Nescafe Gold Blend flavor", able to enjoy the rich variety is you, is a premium gift. Nescafe Gold Blend 65g (each 1 bottle deepen aroma Kok of the original drop), Nescafe (flavor roasting deep 65g X 1 bottle-Ekusera original 80g X 2 bottles) ? Shelf period / date of manufacture at room temperature about 720 days, from [Japan Ltd.]
Ingredients: coffee beans
Ingredients: coffee beans
Product size (height x depth x width): 240mm X 27