Strictly Vegan Pantry


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Our Strictly Vegan Pantry* is filled with wonderful vegan goodies. A Choc-a-Block cookie trio from Sweetleaf Bakery in LIC, a trio of snack bars with dried fruit, organic seeds and nuts in fig orange, cinnamon raisin and chocolate banana chip flavors from Flourish Bakery in Scarsdale, NY and Bearded Brothers Blueberry Vanilla energy bars from Austin, TX. To this we add whole grain mix oatmeal from Farm to Table. Grains include kamut, khorasa, spelt rye and barley all milled in Chappaqua, NY at different weights to bring a variety of textures and a rich, nutty, complex flavor to this hot cereal. This vegan gift assortment also includes Vegan-certified Flamous Original Falafel Chips that are naturally low in cholesterol and saturated fats, organic and gluten-free, and made with whole beans including chickpeas, fava beans, black beans and pinto beans. We top off this gift with Go Raw Super "Cookie" Duo in original and chocolate flavors --- a wholesome sweet treat made with all organic and gluten-free ingredients with no added sugar. These crispy little cookie bites are so scrumptious and fun to eat you won't feel that you are sacrificing anything in your treat. * Fruit is a health promoting whole food that is often used for special dietary purposes. However, our gifts are not designed to meet individual health needs or to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. We are not qualified to give medical advice, so if you have any questions about what you are eating, please consult with a medical professional.