Zassenhausu mill “Lima” and blended coffee


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Size: mix blend coffee coffee delicious eat trick is to measure the exact amount and the amount of hot water for the first powder?. The amount of public hot water finished one person 150ml 100ml 3 servings 400ml 300ml 5 servings 600ml 500ml2 th coffee powder is one person 8g? 13g. The third hot water is let's use what was completely boil with fresh water. (90 Ž? 95 degrees) fourth cup and equipment, please use those pre-warmed. Product Details Product name mill and regular coffee commodity content regular coffee, mill (Lima) raw beans producing countries Brazil, Colombia, yeah Men Guatemala, Tanzania, method and the opening before Indonesia expiration date package back are listed separately in the amount of contents regular coffee to 500g save, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity. After opening, it should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer, and the like. Caution After breaking the seal on the use, please enjoy as soon as you can. ? Wet spoon, etc., please do not use. Take over the tradition from ?reliable quality and craftsmanship and blended coffee collaboration ... of which boasts Germany? 1867 founding, craftsmanship of Germany. It is a set of Zassenhausu's hand grinder coffee mill and blended coffee boasts a long history and reliable quality.
?Germany boasts reliable quality and craftsmanshi
?Germany boasts reliable quality and craftsmanshi
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